The Milne School
Class of 1961

May 22, 1999

On May 22, 1999, a small group of Milnites from the Class of '61 met at
Ristorante Paradiso, formerly the Boulevard Cafeteria, refurbished for the
filming of Ironweed. Aside from Barry Rosenstock, who was visiting from his
home in Japan, the attendees were all residents of the Albany area.


Barbara Rogler Guerin, Virginia Bullis Smithrick, Gary Meislin


Rod Abele, Barry Rosenstock, Sandy Berman

Barry Rosenstock, Sandy Berman,
Margo Berman, Helen Alpert Goldenberg

Karline Cosgrave, Steve Cosgrave,
Don Kingston, Art Bass

Art Bass, Judy Koblintz Madnick, Stu Madnick

Stu Madnick, Armand Guerin,
Barbara Rogler Guerin, Virginia Bullis Smithrick

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